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Hana Tropicals: Field to Vase!
Get a glimpse of our daily routine: see how we harvest, wash, cut, arrange and box our flowers. 

We are a tropical flower farm and orchid nursery specializing in Hawaiian tropical flower delivery to the mainland of the U.S. Hana Tropicals is situated in the idyllic town of Hāna on Maui, Hawaii. Our products are held to an organic standard, so all our plants and flowers are lovingly tended to without harming the surrounding environment and our team. We are proud to offer fresh tropical flower arrangements to the entire nation, harvested directly from our land each morning. 
We believe strongly that we should leave the earth better than we found it, so we work sustainably by replenishing and giving back to the land and people around us. Quite often we find ourselves with dirt under our fingernails and a smile on our faces because we love what we do!  
Since we operate to the highest standard, we have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for everyone who buys our flowers for up to seven days after delivery. Call us with any questions at (808) 248-7533 or email us at hello@hanatropicals.com.
Mahalo nui loa

Farm to Table
No Middle Man
Bigger Blooms
Think the Farm to Table trend is only for food? Think again! Your flowers are grown right on our farm and sent directly to your doorstep. Each stem we ship is hand-harvested and cut within 24 hours of when they are shipped, ensuring quality and freshness. 
How we grow our flowers is important to us. That's why we grow all of our flowers to organic standards and never use any chemicals and pesticides. All flowers are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes and wrapped carefully in newspaper shred.
We are proud to send you flowers directly from our farm. 80% of flowers are bought by consumers who are unaware of the origin of the flowers. You know how your flowers are grown, harvested, washed, and shipped when you order with us. 
Our blooms are guaranteed to be vibrant, strong, and ready to last at least 7 days in your home. We promise to provide you with flowers that bring you joy. If you are not satisfied with your flower order within 7 days, we will send you a replacement arrangement. 

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