Shipping Updates as of Summer 2024

As you all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected shipping and supplies worldwide. Hana Tropicals is not immune to these global changes in daily operations. FedEx has experienced a great increase in shipments as well as an understaffing issue. Due to this, they can no longer guarantee us/our customers 2 day shipping. 

We can now guarantee 3 day shipping, and encourage you to order your flowers so that they will arrive 1-2 days before a major event. If they are put in fresh water upon arrival and the bottom of the stems given a fresh cut daily, they should absolutely look fresh for several days if not a full week. 

FedEx is no longer giving us partial refunds for flowers that do not arrive within 2 days. Every resend of flowers we are sending comes out of our own pocket. We do everything in our power to send you the freshest and most beautiful flowers possible and appreciate your understanding throughout this unprecedented time. 

We appreciate you understanding as we now implement the following rules:

1. West Coast USA overnight shipping policy is now suspended. We can guarantee 2 day shipping to the West Coast and still need orders in 2 days before shipment. 

2. Mainland USA (minus West Coast) 2 day shipping policy is now suspended. We can now guarantee 3 day shipping to the mainland, but issues do arise with FedEx and we appreciate your understanding that it is out of our control. Again, we recommend that you order your flowers to be delivered the day before you need them. For example, if your partner's birthday is on a Friday, have the flowers shipped Monday to be delivered on Thursday.

Our office staff is available Saturday through Wednesday, from 7am - 4pm Hawaii Standard time. Our website,, is open 24/7 and you can still place orders there whenever you like.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences during this unprecedented time and hope you will please continue to bear with us. We are hoping that FedEx can soon return to guaranteeing us/our customers 2 day delivery to anywhere in the United States. Please email or call (808-248-7533) us with any questions you may have.