Through a WWOOFers Eyes

A stroll through the Hana Tropicals farm is a feast for the senses. The riot of color and the lush greenery are simply overwhelming. The plants are a kaleidoscope of greens, from the darkest to the lightest. But some of the plants even have splashes of red, yellow, or pink!
The flowers, hidden in the midst of this luxuriant greenery, are even more spectacular. They seem almost unreal, so special are they. They are in every color imaginable, and their shapes are just as varied: some look like exotic birds in a thousand colors, while others resemble fiery torches in intense red. They are the richness of this greenery jungle. 
What I like best here is to take the time to lose myself through the tall stems, in the absolute calm of nature, accompanied only by the song of the birds, in search of new varieties, new shapes or new colors. With each adventure, I discover new ones, all so fascinating.
It is easy to lose track of time as you wander through the farm, and it is probably the most peaceful and relaxing experience.
Hello, my name is Josh and I’m from Houston, Texas. If you know anything about Houston, you know there isn’t a lot of jungle. Point is, I’ve never worked nor lived in an environment like this before. Yet, I have felt no problem feeling like I belong here and adjusting to this lifestyle. For some people working at the same place you eat, sleep, and shower might seem like a challenge. But thanks to the people of the community, management, and just the overall beauty of Hana Tropicals.
I cant say I ever felt like I was working a job. Everybody here has all been the most sincere, hardworking, and friendliest people I have ever met. Things like that bring a different mindset into work involved on the farm. You never wake up grouchy wishing you didn’t have to work. You wake up wanting to make the farm better than it was yesterday; do the work everyday, because everyday, your work has a purpose. I believe that is the most important feeling in any human being. It is a sense of fulfillment and purpose in your life. That is what Ive felt at Hana Tropicals.
-Josh G.