Community at Hana Tropicals

Community at Hāna Tropicals

 by Sara Colantuoni

There are many communities that coexist among our farm, from our bees to our ducks to our WWOOFers. It’s the unity of our communities among the farm that makes Hāna Tropicals so special. 

Our ducks provide us with not only eggs, but also fertile soil which benefits our moringa trees! They keep certain insects out of our gardens which allows our vegetables to be harvestable. Our bees work hard to produce honey for us to share, while our cats bring us many cuddles and smiles. 

Our WWOOFer community is similar to our animals in the way we take care of the land and each other. Here at Hāna Tropicals people come from all over to work on the farm; right now we have someone from Belgium all the way to someone from Kansas. The farm is what brings these people together, it’s where beautiful friendships blossom, one’s that will last a lifetime. 


Community is at the core of Hāna Tropicals. Without it, the farm would not flourish in the way it does. By coming together with the earth, with the animals, and with each other, we are rewarded with abundance to share!