Moringa oleifera

Moringa Oleifera – the Miracle Plant

The Moringa plant is a magical plant, known to treat over 300 different diseases due to its prosperity of nutrients. We have been planting Moringa in abundance on our farm to help spread these nutrients to as many people as we can. In the past week we have planted over 100 Moringa seeds, with a lot more planting to come!


Moringa grows well in Hawaii due to its ideal climate. Known here as “kalamungay”, (pronounced kah-lah-moon-guy) Moringa grows incredibly quick. One tree planted on our farm six months ago has already grown to be over twenty feet tall!

IMG_0446IMG_4745Planted in April 

The leaves of Moringa trees are a powerhouse of nutritional value. A total of 90 nutrients have been identified in one Moringa leaf. Too good to be true? We know! But it’s truly incredible! 

moringa health benefits

Moringa leaves strengthen the body and have the ability to prevent future diseases. Especially for vegetarians, Moringa leaves help to provide all eight amino acids found in most meats.


How are you supposed to eat these leaves? The leaves are cooked and used like spinach, dried, or powdered to be used as a toppings.

Some more ways to use Moringa

  1. Leaves are used as a remedy for: fevers, bronchitis, eye and ear infections, diarrhea, colitis, arthritis and stomach pain.

  2. They can be rubbed on the temples to cure headaches.

  3. Leaves can be turned into a poultice used to help to reduce glandular swelling.

  4. Turned into a juice, it can be used as a skin antiseptic.

  5. Extracted from the seeds, Moringa oil is even more remarkable than olive oil. This oil can be used in cooking, cosmetics, machinery lubricant, and won’t ever spoil!

The Superhero Plant

The organization Trees for Life accepts donations to help plant Moringa trees throughout the world and share this nutritional information with those who need it the most. Moringa trees do not require a lot of care or water, and will grow in marginal soils as long as the climate does not reach freezing. Moringa has been planted in India and Africa to help fight malnutrition.


What are we doing with Moringa leaves?

Drying leaves for you to eat! You can add these dried leaves or powder to any dish (especially smoothies!), providing the ultimate nutrition to top off your meal.

Stay tuned, as we will be selling this amazing product in our online store in the future! Got any inspiring Moringa stories? Have you ever tried to grow it yourself? We’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment here, or let us know on Facebook or Instagram @HanaTropicals!