The flower fields are constantly changing at Hana Tropicals. This change comes from more than just the consistent growth of the flowers themselves. It also comes from the hours of field work put in by us working on the farm- “us” being the wwoofers, managers and owners. Along with harvesting the flowers, we do a lot of deadheading- removing of overgrowth and dying flowers- to make room for the new flowers. Deadheading and harvesting are done almost daily here at Hana Tropicals. This is typically done as a group which I believe increases productivity. In just 2 hours, we can sweep through multiple fields and cover a lot of ground. 

   Working together is definitely one of my favorite things here on the farm. Not only does it make the work day more enjoyable, but it is also proven that people tend to be more optimistic about workloads when they are with a group. The bonding that takes place during the work day carries over into our free time, and we end up spending time together doing fun stuff such as going to the beach, getting creative in the kitchen and having campfires. I think it’s special that we spend our days taking care of the land here in Hana, and then choosing to spend more time together even when we’re not working. 

    Tending to a farm truly takes a village, and I’m very grateful to be part of this village at Hana Tropicals. 

      -Saoirse Glynn