Flower FAQ

Where can you ship?
We deliver fresh cut tropical flower arrangements, Orchid and Tillandsia plants directly from our farm in East Maui all over the continental United States through two-day Fedex shipping. Flowers can be delivered to homes, businesses, Churches, and funeral homes. Call for hospital deliveries. 

When do you ship?
Regular ship days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The whole process, from the flowers being harvested, to arriving at your doorstep is 3 days, ensuring that you receive the freshest, most flawless Tropicals possible.

How far in advance should I order?
We need 24 hours advance notice from the date of SHIPPING to ensure your flowers will arrive on the specified Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday delivery date. We need time to harvest, wash, sort, and box the flowers. We do our best to accommodate last minute orders, but If the flowers are purchased on the date the flowers need to be shipped, we cannot guarantee specified delivery.

Why do you only deliver on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday?
Since we are in the business of perishable goods we must ensure they arrive within two days. If we were to have flowers delivered on a Monday or Tuesday, they would be shipped on Friday and sit somewhere for the whole of Saturday and Sunday, thus wilting the flowers. We can deliver anywhere in the United States in two days, so when you select your preferred delivery date, please choose a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and make sure you order 24 hours in advance from the day the flowers are to be shipped.

Can you deliver on a Saturday?
Some of our standard arrangements offer the option for Saturday delivery. Fedex charges an extra fee for Saturday Deliveries, and will only deliver to urban areas. If you are purchasing flowers last minute (on a Wednesday), it is possible to deliver the flowers on Saturday, as long as you have selected an arrangement with that option, and the delivery address is in a well populated area.

Does my arrangement come with a vase?
No it does not! Most of our arrangements provide the option of adding a clear glass vase to your order. The Extra Large and XXL Premium Tropical Mixes do not have an added vase option. We recommend a vase size of 12”x4-5” for the Tropical Abundance and a vase size of 14”x 6-8” for the Tropical Extreme. A vase with a sturdy vase is suggested as well, since the tropical flowers tend to be hefty. 

What is Floral Foam?
Floral foam is an absorbent green block used to more easily arrange flowers. When you add floral foam to your purchase we include a block in the box for your convenience. It is a stand-alone item. The flowers still come as single stems individually wrapped with the floral foam included separately. 

What does “Pre-Arranged” mean?
A Pre-arranged bouquet will arrive pre-bundled with rubber bands, ready to go in a vase as-is. Rather than unpacking individual stems, the recipient can simply pull out a bouquet ready to be displayed.

Do you do custom orders?
We do. Please call Hana Tropicals (808) 248-7533 to speak with a representative and explain your floral vision in detail. We love working on custom orders and making your tropical flower dreams come true! Keep in mind we need time to harvest, wash and arrange the flowers, so give us time to prepare before you'd like your custom order shipped out.