Sustainability Efforts

Here at Hana Tropicals, we are proud to say we work every day to be as sustainable as possible. From the way we plant and harvest our flowers, to the packaging process, we think you'll agree that our efforts to be an eco-friendly farm are successful. We are always looking for ways to improve, however, so stay tuned for even more improvements!

We grow all of our plants to organic standards. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals of any kind on our plants, and anything we spray on them to help fertilize is substance we have made here ourselves (i.e. worm casting tea, calcium spray, soldier fly compost, animal manures, etc.). 

All of our fields are hand-weeded every week. We also use plain cardboard to help us with our weeding efforts, by laying cardboard in between our rows of flowers and greenery; cardboard is an excellent source of carbon and aids in moisture balance as well as creating an excellent environment for our beloved earthworms. 

We know that the healthier our soil is, the healthier our plants are, which means less pests, less disease, and less weeds! Mulching is a key component to making our fields healthy and our flowers stronger and last longer once cut. We cut down our invasive trees and chip them right here on our farm, getting rid of invasive species and turning them into mulch; a win win! 

All of our flowers are hand-washed in our wash tanks filled with water and bio degradable Dawn soap - that's it! Hand scrubbed using sponges and water to get all that natural dirt and ants off of the flowers.

Our flowers are wrapped very carefully in recycled newspaper shred and placed inside a plain cardboard box to get to you. The shred and cardboard box would be great in your compost at home, or could easily be recycled again. 

Our flowers are sent using FedEx 2 day shipping, and since they are so thick and sturdy do not need to be kept in a refrigerated or heated plane or truck, so excess energy is saved there as well. 

On a whole as a farm we strive for sustainability every day. Our goats, chickens and ducks help to fertilize our fields and feed us. We have a thriving vegetable garden that we harvest from for lunch and dinner daily. Our fruit trees are abundant and nutritious. Our entire staff cares about the Earth and wants to leave the land better than when they found it. Join us in our goals towards being as sustainable as possible!