Our Owl Logo


The Legend of Pueo the Hawiian owl 

Our owl logo holds great significance and is actually more like our mascot or protecting spirit. Although the owl might not immediately seem to relate to flowers, the logo holds a much deeper meaning.  

The story behind the creation of the logo all began with a trip up to the mountain; when out of the blue a huge barn owl flew low over our vehicle and hovered in front of the windscreen causing us to pull in to the side of the road. This particular occasion took place in the middle of the day when owls are rarely seen and just moments later a group of four-wheelers sped past at an alarming speed. The four-wheelers were heading straight for our vehicle and could have caused a terrible accident, but thanks to our owl's warning, no-one was hurt.  

Upon returning to the farm, we searched for references to owls in Hawaiian mythology and came across this explanation: 

Pueo, the Hawaiian owl has a special place in Hawaii's mythology and has always been treated with the utmost love and respect. The owl throughout history has been associated with wisdom and in Hawaiian legend is said to offer guidance and protection.   

In Hawaiian myth, a guardian ancestral spirit embodying the form of an animal was sent to watch over and protect her descendants and this animal spirit would often manifest itself as an owl 

There are many stories of this animal spirit intervening to save her descendants from harm and the pueo (hawaiian owl) is considered to be the 'bringer of good luck, protector and messenger'Her messages may come in a dream, voice, vision or sign; or in our case, a physical manifestation that literally 'saved the day'. We find it comforting to imagine we have our own protective spirit and so we thought it would fitting to make her our esteemed logo and farm mascot.