Flower Arranging

Unpacking Your Box 

Many people say that opening a box of flowers from Hana Tropicals is even more fun than arranging the flowers in a vase. After slitting the packing tape that closes all the openings of the box—sorry about that...the USDA demands this of all flower shippers— it’s time to open the lid. Inside you will find your gift card and bright ribbon and bright tissue and. Gently remove small amounts of shred from around the flowers. Carefully take each flower or group of flowers from the box before proceeding to the next. Don’t forget the foliage at the bottom of the box! 

At this point, you need a vase, and kitchen shears or garden clippers. Trim approximately 1⁄2” off the bottom of each tropical flower and snip off the bottom of each foliage stem. Place all in a clean container with fresh, room temperature water. Allow to stand for 10-15 minutes before arranging. Avoid exposure to temperatures below 60 degrees (do NOT refrigerate)!

 How to arrange our Tropical Classic arrangement 


1) Place your oasis block on top of a tub of water. Let the oasis sink into the water on its own accord; do not push the oasis down into the water. Once the oasis is fully submerged in the water (allow 5-10 minutes) take the oasis out of the water.
2) Cut the oasis with a knife or scissors to fit the vase. 
3) Lay all of your flowers out on a table based on type and height. 
4) Place your heliconia first in the center of the oasis. 
5) Place your pink gingers right of your heliconia.
6) Place your red gingers directly behind your heliconia. 
7) Begin to set your greenery- dieffenbachia leaf first, behind your red gingers. 
8) Frame your flowers with your areca palms. (Use the areca as a fan) Place your monstera leaf to the right of your pink gingers. Fan your massangeana leaves around your flowers but in front of larger greenery. 
9) Next place your green ti towards the center of your arrangement to balance out the greenery. Set your anthuriums towards the right of your arrangement underneath your gingers to balance the heliconia. Take your red ti and frame the anthuriums. You want to balance your red gingers with your red ti. 
It is important to create a balance of the red, pink and green in your arrangement. Use the different size stems of the flowers and greenery to your advanatage so that every flower can be seen. 
Here is your final product: 


Enjoy this video of how to arrange a Tropical Dream(Medium)