Guarantee & Return Policy

We are dealing with beautiful, perishable flowers and Orchids. Hence, all sales are final. However, YOUR SATISFACTION IS 100% GUARANTEED. Unless you entered an incorrect shipping address for your order, we ensure your satisfaction for each order. 

Hana Tropicals strives to grow only high quality flowers and orchids. Hence, we stand behind the flowers that we ship. We are proud of the huge number of repeat clients each year who send Hana Tropicals’ flower arrangements again and again knowing that if there is a problem, we will do our very best to make things right.

In the unlikely chance that you have a problem, please call us within 7 days and we will re-ship or refund.

There are four things that will negate this guarantee.

  1. The first is if you require us to ship your order over the weekend or a holiday to reach a recipient on a specific day. Flowers and orchids are fragile—even tropical flowers—and as such, are susceptible to cold, heat and the lack of water. We hope you understand.
  2. Shipments into California, Arizona and Florida may be delayed by the Department of Agriculture’s random inspections. If we are unlucky—and this happens occasionally to every grower—flowers can be delayed up to one day. If this occurs, we cannot be held responsible for the delay. You may choose to schedule the arrival of time critical orders into these states a day earlier.
  3. If we are provided with the wrong address, zip code or delivery phone number, the carrier will often be unable to deliver you the gift of flowers. Please understand that we are not responsible in this situation.
  4. If we are not notified within 7 days of you receiving defective flowers or orchid plant, we cannot assist you in providing new flowers. We work with live plants and cannot guarantee their life span, but hope you enjoy the heartiness of tropical flowers while they do last. 

All Orders Include The Following:

  • GIFT BOX -The flowers from HANA TROPICALS are harvested with care, washed free of bugs with biodegradable soap and packed to ensure a safe journey.
  • GIFT CARD - Every gift box you send will include a hand-written gift card.
  • TRACKING - Please know that Hana Tropicals tracks your gift boxes in order to help ensure their timely delivery. It's part of our service.
  • EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE - We pride ourselves on trying with all our hearts to be responsive to each and every person's needs. We aren't perfect, but if you ask our present clients, we sure come close!

Hana Tropicals uses FedEx® Express 2 day service for deliveries within the US. 


  • You will find a wonderful assortment of flowers and orchid plants at Hana Tropicals.
    Sometimes the choice can be overwhelming and we will be more than happy to advise you. 
    However, very few flowers bloom year round; even on Maui. At Hana Tropicals we pride ourselves on taking extra EXTRA care to choose the best flowers of the day to include in your flower arrangements. We reserve the right to make substitutions in any flower arrangement or color of plant.
  • We will always try to send you an arrangement or plant that looks very similar to the photo on the website. If you have your heart set on a specific flower or plant or color, please email or call to check its availability. If it isn’t in season, we will make other recommendations or suggest that you forego your purchase at that time. We would so much rather have you happy than upset at us for the foibles of Mother Nature.

Payment Methods

  • Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB or UnionPay)

Hana Tropicals is a Certified Flower Shipper

Hana Tropicals is certified by the USDA to ship flowers and many plants throughout the United States. International delivery is not available.