The Magical Beauty of Tropical Foliage, A Plantable Arrangement

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The Garden Gift //////Plantable Arrangement

Who guessed that tropical foliage is just as colorful and beautiful as our tropical flowers. Plant it in your yard! Plant it in your grandma's yard! Plant it in pots for indoor and outdoor use! Plant it in shoes!

For all you green thumbs out there...this is an arrangement that really really LASTS! Included in this vibrant and delightful arrangement of tropical foliage is: lots of greenery and a minimum of five (5) plantable items! Once again, we only send the best of what’s available. You may end up with ‘cuttings’ of Dieffenbachia, Ti Stalks, Song of India, a full Bromeliad and propagatable Monstera. This is an amazing gift; a long lasting arrangement for your visual enjoyment and perfect for any gardener.